A Message from Nick

(seriously tho he really wrote this)

We are The Force, a youth group ministry of Tacoma Christian Reformed Community Church. We are not your typical youth group. I mean hello, did you see our name?


We are a motivated, intense, Jesus-centered (yet very real about it, we take Him seriously, not ourselves)

group of people living life together.


We ask the tough questions (the-what-are-those! questions that need to be asked). We have a tendency to talk about how to live out what we believe, and we address why we believe what we believe.


We are in the planning stages of a lot of awesomeness in the next few years. Will you be a part of that, or will you just watch it happen?


If you're anywhere between 6th grade & 12th grade, then what are you waiting for? John Cena? We hang from 7-8:30 PM every Wednesday.


Check out our last retreat vid- it's legit.
















We love you already. We'll be seeing you ;)


Got Questions? Email Me or check out our facebook.