Have you ever gone to visit a church, and felt like it was a group of people you just weren't a part of? Or maybe you've gone to church as a kid, and even though you attended, it didn't feel like it was yours. One of our core beliefs is that it is our responsibility as a church to do all we can to turn the Church into a living place that is more than just a group of people. We want a community made up of family. We want to turn it into a center for growth, serving others, and love for one another. We want to do what we believe Jesus called the church to do- love.

Maybe you've been looking for God, and have no idea where to go next. Maybe you have been looking for a place to connect with other people who love God and others. We want to be that place! We want to be those people! We are already looking forward to meeting you! You know what? We want to meet you! Please make sure to register for our mailing list, and feel free to explore this site, our Facebook, or even email us! We have no doubt you will see that we are so much more than just a group of believers- we're a community building community.

The Promise follows the advent 2017 season uncovering some of the most powerful promises that permeate the Christmas season. Join the series to the summit of Christmas Eve, where we will discover the kind of hope these promises anchor in our lives. How do His promises change things in our lives like they did for those that first Christmas night?


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Warrior. Worshiper. Poet. King. In our series Battles and Bars, we will uncover the powerful principles of waging the battle within in victory. With powerful imagery, David would tackle serious issues like anxiety, pain, and return. Join us, as we delve deeper into the psalms of King David to discover how the secret to his strength was in the depth of his struggles.


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